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Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge 2008

15 – 17 Aug 2008

Kg Pantai Bernas Jetty, Rompin Pahang

Once again, Labuan Marshal has been given honoured by the associates of the Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge (RPBIC) 2008, the Unit Joran of Berita Harian as competition's Marshal, by following the rules and regulations of the International Game Fish Association - 'IGFA'.

Labuan Marshal in association with the Labuan Watersport Association (LWA), rendez-vous with the Unit Joran crews as well as marshals at the Unit Joran of Berita Harian Headquarters at Jalan Riong, Bangsar before leaving to Rompin, Pahang by chartered bus. This year, we represent LWA to help in handling the competition's Marshal as the representatives of both IGFA - Borneo and IGFA - Peninsular Malaysia, Mr. Patrick G. Song and Mr. Aziz Daud could not make it to the competition this time.

We left late at night and arrived at Serai Beach & Golf Resort, Rompin the following morning. All marshals and crews have been placed here to ease up the management. All marshals arrived late evening later and ready for the orders. This year's competition's Marshal has been selected by the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) of Labuan F.T. members as well as a few members of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) from the peninsular Malaysia. Labuan marshal also cooperated with the marshals and crews of the Malaysian Angling Association - PeMM (Persatuan Mamancing Malaysia.

The Marshal's works and efforts for this year is slightly different than the year before. Instead of recording fish captures, Marshal are also needed to put 'Tag' on each fishes for records by the Malaysian Angling Association - PeMM.

With the cooperation from all parties and marshals, the RPBIC 2008 competition was a great success indeed. It is hoped that through this cooperation, Labuan Marshal able to gain new knowledge and experiences in particularly in judging an international fishing competitions in the future. It has been well-known that a competition's marshal is significant in order to prevent any problems, suspicions and doubts that can well ruined the competition's reputations.

With this, Labuan Marshal would like to thank everyone in charge, especially the crews of the Malaysian Angling Association - PeMM and the Unit Joran of Berita Harian for their trusts and faiths in us and for inviting us again to handle this year RPBIC competition.

Thank you for the considerations and cooperation's.

LWA Comittee Member & Labuan Marshal
Briefing by the Organizer to the Marshal
During the briefing from the Organizer.
Marshal-Marshal RPBIC 2008.
Organizer and Participant after briefing at Serai Lanjut Beach Resort
Comittee member from Labuan Marshal with the organizer during prizes giving ceremony

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